CHUWI H6 Stylus Pen (Ubook X)
28.00 JOD

Chuwi Original Active Stylus Pen H6 Compatible for Chuwi Hi10 X, UBook and UBook Pro Tablet PC Hipen H6 for CHUWI Press Pen 4096 Pressure Levels 1.5mm Stylus Pen for Hi10X UBOOK X UBOOK(H6) Hi10X(H6) UBOOK PRO It's USB charging, with active sensing technology. High precision stylus is light weight and portable The size of this unique stylus is about the length and width of a regular pen or pencil, which makes the writing experience feel much more natural. This simple stylus is excellent for pinpoint spots where a regular stylus or finger is to big. So easy to hold and write or draw, simple to use and it is nice-looking.

CHUWI H3 Stylus Pen (HiPad X)
25.00 JOD

CHUWI H3 Active Stylus Pen with 1024 Level Multi-Function Buttons for Chuwi HiPad X